The Passenger: Mediterranean

The Passenger: Mediterranean

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Brimming with intricate research and enduring wonder, The Passenger is a love-letter to global travel.

“[The Passenger] has a strong focus on storytelling, with pages given over to a mix of essays, playlists and sideways glances at subcultures and thorny urban issues.”—Monocle

“Half-magazine, half-book...think of [The Passenger] as an erudite and literary travel equivalent to National Geographic, with stunning photography and illustration and fascinating writing about place.”— (Best series of the year – 2021)

“These books are so rich and engrossing that it is rewarding to read them even when one is stuck at home.”―The TLS

“Few travel guides are confident enough to tell the stories of a destination’s complex realities as well as those of their beauty.”―Monocle, The Stack

“An erudite and literary travel equivalent to National Geographic.”― (Best series of the year – 2021)

IN THIS VOLUME: The Sea Between Lands by David Abulalfia; The Liquid Road by Leïla Slimani; The Cold One, the Hot One, the Mad One, and the Angry One by Nick Hunt • plus: the sounds and smells of the Mediterranean; the invention of the Mediterranean diet; and more…

The word “Mediterranean” evokes something larger than geography, and has historically marked a distinct cultural space, one where different people have met, traded, and clashed.

Today the Mediterranean appears to be in crisis, neglected by the EU, and at the centre of one of the greatest migrations in history. While millions of tourists flock to its shores, hundreds of thousands of people face a dramatic journey in the opposite direction to escape wars, persecutions, and poverty. The liquid road, as Homer called it, is increasingly militarized, trafficked, and polluted as well as overheated and overfished.

But the Mediterranean remains a source of wonder and fascination, a space not entirely colonized by modernity, where time flows differently, and where multiple cultures and languages are in very close contact and dialogue.

Physical Info: 24.0 x 16.0 x 1.27 cm | Paperback

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