Baudelaire: Poems

Baudelaire: Poems

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Modern poetry begins with Charles Baudelaire (1821-67), who employed his unequalled technical mastery to create the shadowy, desperately dramatic urban landscape populated by the addicted and the damned which so compellingly mirrors our modern condition. Deeply though darkly spiritual, titanic in the changes he wrought, Baudelaire looms over all the work, great and small, created in his wake.

Charles Baudelaire (French poet, born in 1821) is most famous for his groundbreaking collection of verse The Flowers of Evil, but his essays, translations, and prose poems have been equally influential. An active and important participant in the literary and artistic world of his time, his translations of the works of Edgar Allen Poe were universally praised. He died in 1867.

Physical Info: 112 x 165 x 18mm | Hardback

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